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We specialize in producing various grades PP Spunbonded Nonwoven Fabric with variety of colors and specifications from 10g/m2 to 150g/m2. Adopting international standard--3.2m width, the PP fabric has the advantage of good uniformity, excellent soft hand feeling and high tensile strength. And also, we have developed the composite deep-processing pro

ducts mainly including polypropylene meltblown fabric. Our products can be widely used as medical supplies, packaging materials, agricultural supplies, auto cover, filter medium, etc. Therefore, as a kind of the innovatory products, they are the substitute for traditional textile fabrics, leather, synthetic leather, ground paper, cotton and so on.
There are 48 people in the executive position among 125 workers in the company, accounts for 38.4%, the above 27 personnel of junior college, Accounts for 21.6%, 11 personnel of more than title for technical personnel of the intermediate , accounts for 8.8%.

Advanced RECOFIL-III spunbonded nonwoven fabric line,width 3.2m
Modified spunbonded nonwoven fabric line,width 2.4m

Modified spunbonded nonwoven fabric line from STP Italy width 3.2m

Product Line Introduction With the S.T.P product line imported from Italy in 1994 and Reifenhauser RECOFIL-III type product line imported from Germany in 2000, we can supply our customers with different kinds of PP spunbonded fabrics from 10 to 150 g/m2 of various colors and all specifications, which are made from PP slice utilizing the method of filature, forming net, hot roll.