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    In modern enterprise, individual qualities of employees are manifested as whole qualities of enterprise and embody in subsistence and development capability of adapting market competition for enterprise.
    For many years construction on enterprise culture, we have form the enterprise spirit of "work with perseverance and development", the quality policy of "satisfied customer for our success", the management thought of "all following turn of the market" step by step. So, we have set a good corporate identity.
    Under the guidance of Deng Xiaoping's Theory, the spirit of the 15th congress of CCP, and Jiangzeming's "three emphases", we esteem to built high quality of employees team who acclimatize themselves to socialist market economy for essential task, change employees' thought and increase professional ethics for basic requirements. And also, adhering to moral principle of combination of legal institutions and rule of morals and equal attention to education and cultivation, the thought of the essence of people, we form the viewpoint of that improving qualities of employees result in enterprise competitiveness advance.
    Through various forms such as publicizing enterprise's condition, editing excellent in-house literature, communicating with employees, collecting reasonable suggestions, commending advanced employees, holding active, educational culture activity and so on, we make a display of enterprise spirit, cultivate enterprise culture in order to erect proper professional outlook of keeping improving, diligence on work, reward outlook of maximizing profits with market guidance, market competition outlook of endeavour for predominance owing to technological innovation, capturing market owing to first-class quality and heightening reputation owing to service quality, jural outlook of observing disciplines and law and lawful operations, enterprise outlook of along with enterprise development. No doubt all of these will accelerate development of two civilizations in phase.